Aladdin cleaning restoration not only provides the best Flood, Fire, and Smoke damage restoration, but we also provide many services associated with carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We will help your home or business look, smell, and feel like new again. Our expert flood cleanup team can have you back to normal in no time if you have suffered serious water infiltration to the surfaces or furnishings. You will find our staff knowledgeable and services affordable.



  • Cleaning Services
  • Water/Fire restoration
  • Mold Removal
  • Crawl Space Cleaning

Water Damage Restoration

Unplanned flood cleanup might be unexpected expense, but we will offer timely and affordable service to help you dry out water damage. Water damage caused by putting out a flood needs to handle quickly to avoid needing mold mitigation in the future. Providing the perfect environment for mold spores to flourish will force you to seek mold clean up services if the moisture is allowed to stick around for any length of time. Black mold is dangerous to contact and breathe. Allow our water restoration service to put your mind at ease without costing a fortune.

Fire and Smoke CleanUp

There is nothing worse than a fire in your home or business; it can be a devastating and heartbreaking experience. Keep in mind; a fire can occur at any time, at any season; however, to restore peace of mind during a fire restoration process, it is important to hire a fire damage restoration crew. Fire and smoke damage restoration requires the use of specialized chemicals and we have the right equipment to make it easy and quick. Smoke clean-up service is the most common, but we can also clean after fires and floods. Whatever you have it can be cleaned effectively by our fire and smoke restoratin crew. We go beyond basic smoke cleanup and offer a full range of fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Offering quality shampoo carpet Vail and Vail carpet cleaning services, we can help you freshen up your home and office. We have the ability to handle carpet odor, stain and moisture problems big or small. Vail and Beaver Creek steam carpet cleaning will make it look nearly new and make the space more inviting. It will make the carpet last longer and you will be happy to invite friends and family over. Customers will have a much better impression of your business if everything looks clean and tidy.Couch cleaning Vail is the most common, but we can also clean items like padded dining chairs, recliners and futons. Whatever you have that is upholstered can be cleaned effectively. We go beyond basic couch cleaning and offer a full range of Vail and Avon steam cleaning services.

Stone & Tile Cleaning

Interior stone surfaces can get surface film from cigarettes, dust or mold. We will remove the grime and make it look great again. Outdoor stone can suffer from lichen or black mold. Experienced technicians can remove these unsightly problems and your home or business will look more appealing. Stone cleaning Vail is not something that has to be done frequently if it is done right the first time. The stone surface will look nice for years to come. We will steam clean tile to bring back the luster and shine. Periodic thorough tile cleaning is a necessary part of overall maintenance of the product. Being able to steam clean tile is the easiest way to make sure all of the built up dirt and grime are removed.

Rugs Cleaning

Area rugs have become a popular decorative item to help protect the surfaces of hardwood flooring. These are normally heavy and awkward to handle and clean. We can improve the look and feel with Vail rugs steam cleaning process that can be done right where they are placed in the home or business. Gentle rugs steam clean service will give your area rugs extra life. We will remove stains, dirt and odors in a manner that is safe and stress-free on the fabric.
You may have rug surfaces in many locations of a home or office. Call Aladdin today for quality rugs cleaning in Vail Avon, and Beaver Creek

Sewer Cleanup

The problems associated with sewer back up can be a nightmare. The odor, germs and mess are almost unbearable. Sewer clean-up service is a welcome profession if your basement or home has suffered a flood of unmentionable gunk. It threatens the health of your family, employees or customers. We will show up quickly and dry out water damage Vail from sewer back up. Your home or business will be back in safe operation in no time.

Mold Mitigation

Mold abatement becomes a necessary project if there have been water leaks or damage that has gone undetected, or flooding has kept an area of the home or business from drying completely. The slower the area dries the more probable a mold infestation takes hold that requires mold clean up services. Mold abatement is an affordable solution to help safeguard those you love.

Crawlspace CleanUp

Crawlspaces are generally small and cramped areas under buildings that can be difficult and uncomfortable to access. They are areas that attract moisture if there is lack of a vapor barrier. Mold can grow undetected and eventually infiltrate the home or business. Crawlspace mold removal can be tricky for an inexperienced person to tackle on their own. We specialize in proper crawlspace mold removal and will add the needed vapor barrier to protect you in the future.
Contact Aladdin cleaning and restoration today to make an appointment for one of our experts to stop by. We will give you a cost and time estimate for everything you need and start right away.

Our Clients

Our top notch professionals also offer a host of other cleaning services specific to commercial locations! Even on large office buildings and other commercial structures, we can perform water restoration to have your place of business looking as good as new! Despite the best liquid cleaning jobs, mold can grow underneath the entire residue. Mold can generate a powerful stink that won't only inconvenience workers and customers at commercial locations but make people sick as well. Our trained professionals will ensure that this doesn't happen! We can come in and perform mold abatement also to make sure there isn't any slime growing in your important commercial work space.
It's no secret that owning a home can be a major headache. Appliances sometimes break down or even catch fire. Mother Nature isn't always cooperative when hurricanes and storms flood houses. The water leaves behind mildew that gives rise to mold. Pets and children leave stains on carpets that don't seem to come out. When life deals you a difficult hand, don't be afraid to call us to help your life return to normal. We offer the state of the art, dedicated professionals who specialize in carpet cleaning. Those wine, soy juice, and juice box stains don't stand a chance against our professionals! That carpet will look like new again!

What Clients are saying

I needed carpet cleaning badly. After being away on vacation for a week, I came back to find that we had water leakage in the living room. It was awful. I got the roof fixed the next day. I was told to dry out water damage and after it was dry, they came and took care of my beige carpet. Looking at it now, you’d never know I had carpet damage!
I definitely recommend their couch cleaning services. When our new puppy had an accident and wet the couch, I thought it was ruined. I was ready to throw it out but my husband suggested we try and get it cleaned first. I’m so happy that we did! With the money we saved from not buying a new couch, we decided to get house training lessons for our pup.
My wife and I have an old house that we rent out. Recently one of our long-time renters moved out. We knew we had to deep clean the house before we put it back on the market but once we stepped inside, we could see that we would need to hire some professionals to really get the job done. Calling Aladdin Company was the right idea.
I’m from Denver but my elderly mom lives alone in Vail. I try to visit her as often as I can but work keeps me tied up. On my latest visit, I noticed some mold growing in the guest bathroom. I know that mold cleanup can be hazardous to your health so we hired professionals to handle the mold mitigation and mold abatement. It was very satisfying to have it handed by a local company.
I’m a first time homeowner and having a flood in my basement is a situation that never crossed my mind until it happened. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that the damage was going to be extensive. I quickly had the pipes fixed and then my neighbor recommended that I call this company for flood cleanup. They took care of the water problem and everything is as good as new.
I flip houses for a living and since my brother-in-law is a contractor, we usually save a lot on costs to fix up our houses. On our latest house, the crawlspace was a mess. I don’t know if the previous owners used it as storage or as a trash heap but it was more than we could handle. We called in the professionals for crawlspace cleanup. They handled the situation quickly and efficiently.
Sewer back up is a nightmare to deal with. Not only is it gross but it is also a health hazard. We had sewage backing up in our bathroom and kitchen. Because we were dealing with sewer waste, it seemed risky to try to clean it up ourselves. Instead, we hired this company to handle this for us. We left for the day while they took care of everything and by the time we got back, everything was cleaned up.
We had a party a few weeks ago and one of the guests spilled red wine on my light blue rug. We tried everything from baking soda to club soda to remove the stain and nothing worked. I have begun to accept the fact that I was going to have to throw out the rug until someone suggested that I get it steam cleaned. I got both rugs steam clean and they are both as good as new.
We had water damage in our office building and it was bad. I’m not very knowledgeable on things like that but even I knew that we would need water restoration of some kind. My boss handed me the task of taking care of the problem. I gave this company a call and they handed everything including shampoo carpet. Everyone in the office was pleased with the results.
My husband promised me for months that he was going to use his pressure washer to clean the stone work on our drive-way. Well, after a storm a few weeks ago the drive-way looked filthy. I couldn’t wait for my husband anymore. I made the call and they came and took care of it for me. They made stone cleaning look easy!